Stainless-steel bracelets and bands have long been adored for their versatile nature. Durable and tough, yet sleek enough for an evening out, it's an undeniably wearable material that can be found throughout many Timex® watch attachments.



As strong and refined as it may be, however, we know that sizing a stainless-steel watch to your wrist can require a few minor adjustments if it doesn't fit right out of the box. The good news is that we've simplified that process tenfold by offering a selection of timepieces designed with an equally wearable alternative: The Timex Perfect Fit™ expansion band.



A hallmark feature of the Q Timex, Q Timex Malibu, and a variety of Timex T80s (let's not forget the fun-sized Mini), the stainless-steel Perfect Fit™ expansion band is yet another attribute that makes styling your Timex your way such a cinch. Not only does the technology allow you to easily slip the expansion band on and off, but the length of the band itself can also be adjusted to fit your unique wrist size quickly, and without a fuss. It's an easy task that can be done at home where you likely don't have a watchmaker's toolset on hand.



Need a quick tutorial? Here's how to adjust your Timex Perfect Fit expansion band, for a look and fit you'll love:
  1. Place the watch on your wrist and estimate how many links will need to be removed from your watch band.

  2. Locate the links in the center of the bracelet with the texture.

  3. Squeeze the textured part of the link opposite the link you want to remove.

  4. Pull the band apart while still pressing down on the link.

  5. Count the links you need removed and follow the same process to remove the appropriate section of links.

  6. Squeeze down again on the textured part of the link and insert the opposite end of the band into the opening.

And there you have it! Adjusting the size of your Perfect Fit expansion band should now be a breeze. Next, check out our guide that covers how to clean your stainless-steel watch so you can keep it in tip-top shape!

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