Introducing the world’s first circular program for watches

Let’s keep watches on wrists and out of landfills. Send us your pre-loved watch—any watch from any brand— and we'll give it a second life to be enjoyed by a new generation or upcycle its parts into new products.

Recycle Your Watches Shop ReWound

It’s time for change

Each year, 2 billion tons of waste is produced and 99% of it ends up in a landfill. Watch materials like stainless-steel and plastic can take up to 1,000 years to degrade, so we've made it our goal close this loop and give your used watches a second chance at life. Use our pre-paid shipping label to send us any watches you no longer wear and we'll make sure they're responsibly upcycled.

A second life

Watches with more life left to live will be cleaned up and available for purchase, where they can continue their story with someone new.

The future is circular

For watches that have already lived their best days and aren't quite fit for resale, we'll upcycle their parts and materials for new products.