FamilyConnect™ Senior

FamilyConnect™ Senior

Discover Peace-of-Mind

Location Tracking.
See the watch’s location on a map in the companion mobile app. Get automatic updates and notifications when the watch leaves or enters a specified location.

Instant Messaging.
Send and receive text, emoji and preset messages between the smartwatch and your phone. Add voice messaging to those features when you use the FamilyConnect mobile app to communicate with the watch.

Two-Way Calling.
Stay connected with voice calls to and from the smartwatch.

Fall Detection and SOS.
Send an emergency notification to preset contacts after the watch has sensed a fall or when you press its dedicated SOS button.

Private and Secure

You’re in control of your private network by setting the connections to your FamilyConnect SENIOR watch. Select who can communicate with the watch via
phone and text, and invite others to use the mobile app to also see the watch’s
location and exchange voice messages. There’s no random calls or messages,
no telemarketers, and no spam.

Equipped for Healthy Living

With a heart rate monitor and other sensors, your watch tracks your daily activity*.
On the phone, see steps, heart rate, PAI Score, and sleep data in a handy dashboard.
Use the app to set medication reminders** and sedentary alerts to stay healthy and active

*Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.
**You should not rely upon the app and watch notifications alone to remember to take medications.

PAI is a trademark of PAI Health Inc.

​​Real-Time Location Sharing

See the watch’s location* on a map automatically updated throughout the day and get notifications when it leaves or enters defined locations. Manually refresh the location,
or turn on Active Tracking for real-time updates.

*Location accuracy may be affected by environmental factors.

More Connection, Less Worry

With fall detection*, one-button SOS, location tracking, and on-watch check-in, your family can be more connected in more places.

*Fall detection feature does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always press their SOS button when they need help.

Easy to Set Up, Exciting to Use

Our highly-rated mobile app makes setup a cinch. It guides you through the process to create your account and to complete a user profile that makes the most out of the watch’s health tracking features.

This companion app is also at the heart of user experience providing ways to customize your watch and health-tracking settings, to interact with the watch, and to communicate with the FamilyConnect service.

PAI and the PAI logo are trademarks of PAI Health Inc