FamilyConnect™ Enterprise

Stay Connected

Fall Detection and SOS
Call the assigned emergency contact and send a notification to them and other designated contacts after the watch has sensed a fall or when your resident presses the dedicated SOS button.

Location Tracking
See the watch’s location on a map in the online portal or companion mobile app. Get automatic updates and notifications when the resident leaves or enters specified areas.

Two-Way Calling
Connect with voice calls to and from the 4G LTE cellular smartwatch.

Instant Messaging
Send and receive typed or preset messages between the smartwatch
and the online portal or mobile app. Voice messaging is also available.

Unique Enterprise Portal

Online desktop dashboard is the heart of the Enterprise system.

It provides monitoring, status, and alert screens, and allows you to organize your residents with their caregiving staff.

Reports can be generated to keep supervisors and administrators up to date on the health and wellness of your community

*Location accuracy may be affected by environmental factors.

Real Time Location Sharing

See the watch’s location on a map automatically updated throughout the day and get notifications when it leaves or enters defined locations. At any time, click on an individual’s location to refresh it or to engage Active Tracking for more frequent real time updates.

Equipped for Healthy Living

With a heart rate monitor and other sensors, the watch tracks each resident’s daily activity . On the portal, see steps, heart rate, PAI score, and sleep data in a handy dashboard, and see that same data in a series of screens on the watch. The watch can also be used to provide medication reminders** and sedentary alerts.

Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

**Do not rely upon the watch notifications alone to remember to take medications.

PAI is a trademark of PAI Health Inc.

Easy to Set Up

This feature rich, Timex developed online portal makes watch setup a cinch. Import devices in bulk and apply them to individual residents whose accounts you can individualize.

Complete each resident’s experience by assigning an emergency contact, designating caregivers, selecting from Safe zones you create for your unique community, inputting personal information for health and fitness tracking, organizing residents into groups, and more.