If you tear up easily, you may want to grab a tissue (we know we did). Today we're sharing the story of a student of Forging My Tomorrow; a scholarship program that helps children in Guatemala excel in the face of adversity.


As part of the program, each student is gifted a watch to encourage punctuality, responsibility, and time management. The watch also serves as a valuable tool for students who may not have access to technology or reliable clocks.


This is the amazing story of a girl named Mayra:


"I came from poverty in a Guatemalan village, and my journey to success started with a Timex Ironman. In our scholarship program, Forging My Tomorrow, I was chosen at age thirteen. Every beginner receives a Timex Ironman. With my watch, I could be on time for school. I needed my watch to be tough, because my school days started after I made tortillas, collected firewood, and did laundry by hand. 
I came to my English House classes on time, with my Canadian teachers. I used my watch to teach literacy tutorials to children in my village. I learned technology and won a scholarship to the United States. I checked my watch when I volunteered to teach English in China. And then, I used my watch to prepare myself to meet my Salesforce clients, since I work for Torrent Consulting here in Guatemala, a Salesforce partner.


I just gave my watch to my sister Mishelle, so that she can follow the same path. Without a watch, you can't be punctual, and the world runs on time. Since my mother passed away recently, I have to be the leader of my family and my siblings. 


Thank you, Timex, for helping make a little watch for a little girl, so that I can now multiply that for many others. I am making something beautiful of my life, and I am changing my world. Watch me."


- Mayra


We want to thank Mayra for sharing her incredible story with us. Do you have a unique story to share about your Timex? If so, we'd love to hear it! Send it to us: social@timex.com


Click here to donate to Forging My Tomorrow and help kids just like Mayra receive the quality education they deserve.

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