Our new watch designed in collaboration with Copenhagen's Wood Wood is notable for a handful of things. One is its clean, contemporary design -- it ties together traditional details, like a domed crystal and military-style dial, with an all-black palette that's decidedly modern. And then there's the most unique feature of the watch: a message hidden in the INDIGLO® backlight that says "GET LOST".


It might seem funny, a watch telling you to get lost. After all, the average wristwatch is all about avoiding getting lost. How can you lose your sense of direction or your sense of time and still be on time for whatever's next? The double meaning that inspired the design is best explained by Brian SS Jensen, a Wood Wood designer and co-founder of the brand. "I'm intrigued with the idea of getting lost, both physically and as a state of mind," said Jensen. We wanted to do something that was really simple and wearable, but still have an element of humor and surprise. To him, getting lost in a new city is a great way to experience what it has to offer. And getting lost in time simply means being in the present -- being mindful, stopping to smell the roses while the world rushes on. Both interpretations of the "get lost" message can help us make the most of the hours passing by.


This new timepiece's double-entendre message is here to help you along in our over-scheduled, hyperconnected world. You can keep track of the time with a well-designed watch that's simple and reliable; that's why you choose Timex. But as for why you might choose this specific Timex, the one we worked with Wood Wood to create? It's the reminder we all need that sometimes, where the hands on the clock fall isn't what matters most. Sometimes, we need to get lost so we can find a new way forward. Shop the watch today at the Timex website.

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