In our third collaboration with The James Brand, we're introducing a watch that keeps pace with your adventures on and off the trail. The TIMEX IRONMAN® x James Brand diverges from The James Brand's traditional minimalistic aesthetic, venturing into bright and expressive design territory while staying true to the iconic TIMEX IRONMAN® legacy. It’s a dynamic timepiece that tracks your performance and looks pretty damn good doing it.
Best known for maximal performance and minimalist design in the realm of daily carry, The James Brand sought to connect what’s on your wrist with what’s in your pocket through this collaboration. “A watch says a lot about its wearer,” shares The James Brand founder Ryan Coulter, “and watches are like the ‘first cousin’ to our products. We are interested in exploring the relationship between all of the things that you carry with you. How they enable you; how they work together as a system.” 
Embracing this vision, the collaboration marks somewhat of an experiment for both brands, pushing the boundaries to create a watch that combines the classic heritage of the TIMEX IRONMAN® with the modern style of The James Brand. The result? An awesome timepiece that’s familiar yet entirely new.
The TIMEX IRONMAN® x James Brand sports an amped-up colorway that stands out on the wrist and brings a fun energy to your everyday carry, whether you’re hitting the trail or heading into town. It’s equipped with an electric yellow resin case that’s durable yet lightweight, highlighted by bright red pushers and paired with a sustainable teal fabric strap.
This particular strap is made in partnership with #tide™, meaning it’s crafted from upcycled, ocean-bound plastic. Its journey from waste to wrist begins with fishermen collecting plastic from the coastlines; the waste is washed and shredded before making its way to Switzerland via carbon-neutral transportation; and finally, it’s repurposed on-site, resulting in a premium, sustainable material.
This watch is built with all you’d expect from a TIMEX IRONMAN®, including a countdown timer, 30 lap memory stopwatch, customizable alarm, and INDIGLO® display. And with an impressive 100m of water resistance, it's ready to face the elements. Rain, mud, or a well-deserved post-run dip; nothing stands in the way of this one.
Apart from its availability on, The TIMEX IRONMAN® x James Brand is part of a 3-piece collection offered exclusively by The James Brand and Huckberry, which includes a retro-fantastic TJB wallet with hook and loop closure and a coordinating version of The James Brand’s ultra-light Redstone pocket knife, each sold separately. Explore the full collection at or at Huckberry, or check out the TIMEX IRONMAN® x James Brand at TIMEX.

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