Timex's Unique 36mm Resin Case Watch


This watch might look a bit far-out, with unfamiliar dial art and a name you don't recognize. But it's still a Timex. The 36mm case, lightweight and shaped from resin, is both versatile and adventure-ready; it fits a variety of wrists, and packs a large dose of old-school charm. It's nostalgic. It's sensible. It tells the time. And sitting there on your wrist with its grosgrain strap and domed acrylic crystal, it tells the time in a way that makes you want to listen.


Timex's Partnership with Face and Anna Magazine


The offbeat smiley design on the dial, courtesy of a Tokyo-based collaborating artist, is there to draw and hold your attention in ways that a plain watch dial might not really be able to do. The Tokyo-based illustrator and designer who created the dial design for this watch goes by the working name Face; this Japanese-Taiwanese artist is a contributor to several magazines and media outlets, and regularly provides graphic design for the brand HUMAN MADE directed by designer, producer and entrepreneur Nigo. Also joining Timex in this collaboration is Japan's Anna Magazine, a print editorial on style and culture with a social, feminine focus. Anna contributed the "Analog Life" concept that formed the basis for this special watch.


Embracing the Analog Life with Timex


As part of a larger picture, though, our Analog Life Camper watch is about more than just telling time or taking a fashionable angle to watch design. The act of looking down at your wristwatch and reading the hours and minutes is akin, as Anna Magazine would put it, to jotting down the day's happenings in a journal. Or using a paper map to find your way, taking the time to brew pour-over coffee, taking a photo with a film camera, going out to camp in the woods or getting around town by bicycle.


Nowadays, it's common to check the time by checking your phone- it's just part of how our daily lives revolve totally around those little screens. We rely on all that pocketable convenience, the constant access to information and entertainment. One result is that we're all more informed and connected than we've ever been. But another result is this: even if we know the exact time constantly, we fail to value time the same way we used to. And what good is all that accuracy, if we never slow down to enjoy the minutes we're measuring so carefully?


More than just being a timepiece, this watch is a call to presence, and to engagement. If that means slowing down because you haven't smelled the roses in weeks (or years), then that's okay. If it means speeding up because you've just realized you're late for a meeting, that's okay too. It's meant to keep you on time, after all.  


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