Today, we're announcing the release of the Q Timex Falcon Eye with a glorious green dial, and it looks as though we're right on target. Green is having a moment. The color's shift to center stage is a crescendo we've long anticipated here at Timex®.


The Trend in Watch Dial Colors


For the last few years, blue watch dials have dominated the industry, opening the door for new, contemporary tints to waltz on through. Non-traditional shades of aqua, indigo, and electric blue have radiated from the faces of some of our own best-selling styles from the women's Waterbury Legacy Malibu to the Timex GGS1 Automatic, the unique hue of which, according to our Milan-based Creative Director Giorgio Galli, is not just a color, but a juncture: The Blue Hour, the most beautiful and poetic moment of the day.


The Symbolism of Green in Timex Watches


So, what moment does the color green speak to? For us, the answer is multifaceted. On the one hand, green represents an ode to our past. Like the military-inspired functionality features and utilitarian design aesthetics found throughout many Timex wristwatches, the incorporation of rough and rugged viridescence is often a nod to the tickers we once made for the US Army. Take our Navi XL Automatic, for example. A member of our Military collection, this wristwatch is inspired by our very own archives, featuring a green dial and brown leather strap that drives home its vintage design. At just the right shade, an understated green represents a purpose-driven, can-do attitude, and its correlation to tactical gear means that it's a color, as far as watchmaking goes- that's likely here to stay.


On the other hand, the color green also looks toward the future. Be it synonymous with the growing environmental movement (looking at you, Expedition North Tide-Temp-Compass) or exciting proof of our 300-year-old industry's ability to reinvent itself, green is indicative of progress and evolution a fact made especially clear as wristwatches crop up in trendy shades of mint, jade, and seafoam. As a luxury watchmaker, Timex itself has tested the waters with tasteful tones of forest, olive, and emerald green, the latter of which makes our 1960s Marlin® Automatic, in particular, all the more iconic. Its stainless-steel case and classic domed acrylic crystal are instantly elevated by both an emerald green dial and natural leather strap, giving this watch an aesthetic refresh you didn't know you needed.


The Q Timex Series


We like to think that our Q Timex series has the same effect. Diver-inspired, this colorful capsule proudly features a little bit of heritage and a little bit novelty- and as you'll find, it's no stranger to green's deep intensity. Rich jewel-tones can be found throughout various iterations of the Q Timex 1979 Reissue. Painted across both the dial and rotating bezel on one style, while offering hints of subtlety on the others, the color makes a statement in any capacity, there's no doubt about it. This, of course, brings us back to the latest in a line of timepieces to feature this brilliant pigment: The Q Timex Falcon Eye.


Following on the heels of our Q Timex 1979 Reissue, the Falcon Eye pays homage to its predecessor by mirroring some of the most quintessential details that you already know and love. The resulting model is a refined timepiece that retains every ounce of character from the era that inspired it. Of note, a period-correct stainless-steel bracelet, functional battery hatch, and date window align with our function-first approach to watch design. But at the end of the day, it's the striking, stone-inspired dial that steals the show, flashing its unique Tiger's Eye pattern in a vivid Malachite-green whenever the light hits, yet another moment to be savored.


Get yours before they're gone!

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