Our second collaboration with Copenhagen-based menswear brand NN.07 pays tribute to the original tick tock, honoring a time before content was king and exploring wasn’t done with a scroll.


Limited to just 1000 pieces, the Timex Expedition North® Field Post x NN.07 follows up on the swiftly sold-out M79 from 2021. Infused with the timeless aesthetics and design principles synonymous with NN.07, it’s a classic field watch that offers enduring style and versatile utility for the everyday.

It boasts a sturdy 36mm stainless-steel case and bracelet, complemented by a clean-cut silver-tone dial, a date window beside the 3 o’clock marker, luminescent hands and markers, and a rather striking feature—a second hand and 7th-hour marker both highlighted in NN.07's iconic cobalt blue as a nod to their founding year.

The Timex Expedition North® Field Post x NN.07 is a hardworking timepiece built for exploration, powered by a reliable quartz movement and equipped with a screw-down crown and case back providing 100m of water resistance. But beyond its versatility in the outdoors, it’s a watch that embodies a universal spirit of adventure and embraces the philosophy that time belongs to us all.



  • Timex x NN.07 36mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
    Timex x NN.07 36mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
    36 mm Stainless Steel/Stainless Steel



How did you blend the ethos of NN.07 with the spirit of the Timex Expedition North®?

We believe that fusing the functionality of the Expedition North® Field Post with the timeless aesthetics of NN.07 would make for a timepiece that transitions seamlessly from work to leisure and from hike to pleasure.

Is there a specific reason behind the strictly silver-tone color scheme of the dial, case, and bracelet?
We opted for a sleek steel design throughout to create as timeless a watch as possible. Adding the NN.07 cobalt blue in the second hand and 7-hour marker is our personal signature. A signature you can also find on other NN.07 products.

Who do you envision wearing this watch and where do you see them wearing it?
First and foremost, we designed a watch that we would love to wear ourselves - and by fitting in a 36mm case we open up to a wider unisex audience. NN.07 is rooted in craftsmanship and nerding all the small details - our customers are the same. They care for quality, premium materials, and products that are made to last for everyday use. So all in all, we envision the watch being worn for all occasions – even underwater.

What were some of the key highlights or memorable moments during the collaboration process?
I recall a product meeting we had before settling on the design, where we got introduced to Craig. Craig has been with Timex for more than 30 years – and he blew us away. With his massive knowledge of watches and endless anecdotes, there wasn’t a question we could ask that was left unanswered.

Putting on a great watch can evoke different emotions. When someone wears this watch, what do you hope they feel every time they look at their wrist? Adventure? Confidence?
We always hope to add confidence to whomever wears our products. For this specific collaboration though, we poke a bit at the vast amount of time that most of us spend on our phone. The original tick tock is for us a timeless watch, that can remind us to live in the real world – not just the world of Reels.


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