As season 4 of Stranger Things makes its debut, Timex® is entering the gate to the Upside Down with the Timex x Stranger Things collection: the culmination of two cultural phenoms that routinely bring wistful, period-specific elements out of the darkness and into the light.


This hair-raising collaboration is packed with nostalgia, applying otherworldly inspiration to three of our most iconic cult classics-Timex Camper, Timex T80, and Timex Atlantis-and bringing reliable timekeeping to every dimension.


First, if you aren't one of the whopping 196 million global Netflix users to have tuned into the series since its launch in 2016, allow us to fill you in. Stranger Things, set in the early 1980s, follows a group of friends as they navigate the eerie supernatural events that begin occurring in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. The sudden disappearance of young Will Byers galvanizes the crew to unearth a parallel universe known as the Upside Down-and the evil forces that hail from deep within it. It's a pseudo-period piece that not only goes all-in on the 80s throwbacks, but also gets them right, from the banana-seat bicycles to the retro timepieces presented on the very wrists of its brave protagonists.


Sported by Lucas Sinclair in the forthcoming season, our original Timex Camper has been overtaken by paranormal forces in the time since its last release; Upside Down numbers are now featured on the dial, while a red INDIGLO® backlight permeates the darkness with sinister Demogorgon imagery. Eagle-eyed watch enthusiasts may have already spotted Sheriff Hopper's Timex Atlantis in previous seasons (a timepiece we were thrilled to learn Stranger Things Prop Master, Lynda Reiss, discussed in an interview with Hodinkee back in 2020).


We've rereleased the aforementioned relic in Hopper's honor, giving it an ominous black resin case, black strap, and-like the collection's Timex T80-an INDIGLO® backlight and customizable alarm that plays the unforgettable Stranger Things melody.


As if things couldn't get any more mental, each of the two digital watch displays reveal a backwards number 3 when the clock strikes 3:00pm - a nod to the shattered grandfather clock that mysteriously chimes in the focal point of season 4: The Creel House. Why? Not even we know for sure. The only thing that's certain is that Stranger Things are sure to come.


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