The Q Timex Marmont is our reissue of an icon we first launched in 1975, at a time when quartz watches were sweeping the industry and putting mechanical watches back on their heels. Inspired by the louche design language of the time, with softened edges and polished surfaces, the Marmont recalls a glamorous era in Los Angeles when the rich and famous would gather at the Chateau Marmont, LA's "castle on the hill."


The watch is a statement in polished gold-tone stainless steel. Featuring a sturdy-yet-refined case with curving surfaces and a domed acrylic crystal, at first glance it could be mistaken as an artifact of its time, but the Marmont is so much more than that. We took special care in staying true to the original and in drafting its angles and design, so from above it presents on the wrist with a cushion shape, while from the side it offers a plateaued profile that sits comfortably on the wrist with just the right amount of presence.


Because it belongs to our Q Timex family, you'll find the same perfect touches as always - our "Q" logo on the dial, a reliable and accurate quartz movement inside, and our easy coin-slot battery hatch on the case back to save you from service trips to the nearest jeweler, if and when you need a battery change.


Continuing with the watch's retro stylings, its dial is brushed with a sunray texture and finished in a cool champagne color. The dial markings are wonderfully dynamic and dimensional, with their own polished facets that catch the light and interact with the dial's surface finishing and the light refractions of the domed crystal.


The Q Timex Marmont comes with an elegant black leather strap, debossed in a retro alligator pattern, plus a buckle to match its case with a period-correct widened strap keeper. As an homage to one of our iconic originals, this watch does more than sit on your wrist or rest in a box - it gathers light and glows with it, shining through the years to reflect its wearer as much as a watch ever could.

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