Heddels is a style and fashion blog that focuses primarily on menswear, especially denim and rugged workwear. Starting as a denim-only blog in 2011, the site has built up a following that's admittedly niche but very devoted and engaged, covering everything from product news to fashion developments and culturally-significant changes in the textile and clothing industries. Because of Timex's rich history and presence in the Americana landscape, Heddels contributor Albert Muzquiz dove deep into our story and came up with this great write-up that we're proud to see being shared around the internet.


Timex is undoubtedly one of the best-known watchmakers of our time and certainly the most famous watch brand based right here in the United States. The history of Timex isn't a linear affair, it's a hard-scrabble tale of survival in corporate America. Timex hasn't defined the way we see watches or tell time, but rather morphed to stay ahead of public interest and in so doing, introduced many a nascent watch fan to the wide world of horology.


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