Have you heard the special news? Today is our favorite beagle’s birthday! For over 70 years, Snoopy has brought joy and laughter to generations of fans around the world.



Snoopy made his debut on October 4, 1950, within Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip. His birthday, however, is celebrated on August 10th. Throughout the years, Snoopy has effortlessly stolen our hearts with his adventurous spirit, quick-witted humor, and endless imagination.



To mark this special day, we're sharing our most cherished Timex x Peanuts watches so you can carry Snoopy’s infectious energy with you, no matter where your adventures may lead.


TW2V61000VQ Timex Standard x Peanuts Featuring Snoopy Happy Birthday 40mm Leather Strap Watch primary image

What better way to honor Snoopy’s big day than with our Timex Standard x Peanuts Featuring Snoopy Happy Birthday watch? We updated our versatile Timex Standard—pairing the silver-tone case and black leather strap with adorable dial graphics that get the party going!



TW2V77700JT Timex X Peanuts Rainbow Paint 36mm Silicone Strap Watch primary image

Channel your inner artist with Snoopy! Our Timex x Peanuts Rainbow Paint watch brings the fun to any look with bright Snoopy graphics on the dial and strap and rainbow gradient markers that bring joy to each hour of the day.




TW2V78000JT Timex Weekender X Peanuts In Bloom 38mm Fabric Strap Watch primary image

Bring a bit of nature’s beauty to your look with a bouquet that stays! Snoopy snuggles his pal Woodstock amid bountiful blooms on the dial of our Timex Weekender x Peanuts In Bloom watch, while a gorgeous teal fabric strap provides everyday comfort and style.


TW2V60500VQ Timex Standard x Peanuts Featuring Snoopy Fireworks 40mm Leather Strap Watch primary image

Snoopy’s imagination truly knows no bounds, and our Timex Standard x Peanuts Featuring Snoopy Fireworks watch proves it! With a patriotic popsicle serving as his vehicle for flight, the adventurous beagle channels his inner Flying Ace and soars among fireworks in celebration of America the beautiful.



Our Timex x Peanuts watches serve as a perpetual reminder of the joy, laughter, and imagination Snoopy has shared with us for generations. Happy Birthday, Snoopy – here's to many more years of bringing smiles to our faces!

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