In a world that can often feel loud and distracting, it’s important to pause and tune in to your inner voice. Our latest collab with Los Angeles jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche encourages you to embrace this practice, with each watch standing as a testament to the power of following your intuition and trusting it to guide your life journey.


“I have always done my best to be guided by my intuition,” shares Jacquie. “I listen to my inner voice in everything I do and have found that it always leads to exactly what my soul is in need of, whether it’s a new adventure, relationship, or life lesson. Trust your instincts and follow your intuition…Now is your time to shine.” 


The Timex Legacy x Jacquie Aiche Intuition boasts a captivating dial available in natural turquoise, mother-of-pearl, or goldstone, each of which are believed to offer unique benefits and healing properties. 

  • Turquoise, with its rich and vibrant hue, is thought to promote mental clarity, inner peace, and emotional balance. 
  • Mother-of-pearl is sourced from the delicate lining of mollusk shells and is believed to bring the calming and soothing energy of the sea to its wearer.  
  • Goldstone, with its glittering and glassy appearance, has been said to promote strength, courage, and feelings of positivity.

Moreover, the dial of each watch is adorned with hand-selected crystal indices that glimmer from every angle and features Jacquie’s signature tribe eye motif at the heart of its design. The case and bracelet are crafted of brushed and polished gold-tone stainless-steel, offering a warm glow that illuminates your wrist stack and keeps you shining. And on the case back, you’ll find a highly detailed engraving of Jacquie's signature tribe eye as a symbol of endless protection and divine guidance. 


As you wear your watch, remember that your intuition is your North Star, leading you towards your destiny. Embrace it, honor it, and allow it to guide your path.


Our previous collabs with Jacquie Aiche sold out within hours; shop the Timex Legacy x Jacquie Aiche Intuition collection now or sign up to know when our next collection drops. 

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