Our latest collab with Los Angeles jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche celebrates the bliss and beauty found in new beginnings. The dial of the Timex Legacy x Jacquie Aiche Sunrise showcases a captivating mosaic of celestial rays rising above the ocean, pieced together using multi-colored mother-of-pearl that glistens with your every movement.

Made to be more than a timepiece, each watch doubles as a personal amulet that brings an essence of spiritualty to the everyday with a distinctly feminine energy. Jacquie eloquently captures the sentiment behind the collaboration: "There is an ethereal essence that fills you when you gaze out at the morning sky," she says. "This timepiece was created to encapsulate that sensation. The sunrise, made from delicate tones of genuine mother-of-pearl, symbolizes the enchantment that comes with every single day. It reminds us to live each day with purpose and a sense of optimism toward the future."


Though mother-of-pearl's eye-catching luster was reason enough to use it on the dial design, this glistening shell carries a deeper symbolism. It's thought to be a manifestation of the sea's purity and compassion, resonating with the soothing vibrations of ocean energy. By incorporating it in this design, Jacquie created a watch that not only elevates your look but also invites you to connect with the world around you, allowing a tranquil flow of positivity to guide your journey.

The gold-tone case and bracelet are crafted of brushed and polished stainless-steel, offering a golden glow that illuminates your wrist stack and keeps you shining. Additionally, the case back bears a highly detailed engraving of Jacquie's signature tribe eye as a symbol of endless protection and divine guidance.



Our previous collabs with Jacquie Aiche sold out within hours. Check out the Timex Legacy x Jacquie Aiche collection now or sign up to know when the next collection drops.

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