It really shouldn't be a surprise that Timex has a way of tapping into our collective nostalgia receptors in a way that few other brands can. They've shown over and over again in their recent releases that they have an innate understanding of how to reach into the past and make something old feel new again. The Q, their huge hit watch from earlier this year, made you long for the 1980s even if you didn't personally experience them. The Marlin, which in many ways reignited Timex as something more than an afterthought among contemporary watch heads, was an extremely successful take on their classic 1950s dress watch, dripping with Mad Men style and charm. And their series of watches celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing released earlier this year, with a certain iconic beagle on the dial, is another example of Timex showing up in an almost Forrest Gump-like way to make us think lovingly of the past. Their new Marlin, featuring that same beagle, feels like another well-executed play on our continued desire to commune with an earlier time.




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