As we navigate the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to forget to slow down and live in the present moment. Our latest collaboration with ethereal jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche not only serves as a reminder to do just that, but to go into the world with an open heart, each and every day.


The Sweet Romance collection has been expertly crafted to elevate your wrist stack while simultaneously illuminating your spirit and honoring all that fills the heart - passion, kindness, connection, and of course, love. Stunning natural stone dials of lapis lazuli or goldstone provide the perfect backdrop for a full heart bearing Jacquie's signature tribe eye; the centerpiece of each design.


This emblem of divine guidance is a testament to Jacquie's belief that living with an open heart has the power to attract miracles, bliss, and positivity into our lives. When you wear one of these watches, not only do you adorn yourself with a beautiful piece of jewelry, but you also have a sweet reminder to spread love wherever you go.


"Our new Sweet Romance collection is all about love. It really embodies an energy that speaks to the heart. In the process of designing these two timepieces, I was so inspired by the positive, blissful feelings you attract when living with an open heart. Life is a celebration - spread love and enjoy the love you receive."
- Jacquie Aiche


In true Jacquie Aiche fashion, no detail has been overlooked. Faceted crystal markers and luminant hands enhance the dial's design, while the gold-tone stainless-steel case and ultra-precise quartz movement ensure that your amulet will stand the test of time.


So whether you're in need of a gentle reminder to live mindfully or simply desire to add a stunning piece to your jewelry collection, these watches certainly do not disappoint. Each one has been crafted with care and intention to serve as a meaningful accessory that will make a beautiful statement wherever life takes you.


In a world that can often feel overwhelming, it's important to remain grounded and focus on the bright side. And with one of these on your wrist, you'll have a stunning reminder to do just that - and inspire others to do the same.


Shop our Timex Legacy x Jacquie Aiche Watch With Lapis Lazuli Dial here.

Shop our Timex Legacy x Jacquie Aiche Watch With Goldstone Dial here.

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