We only have one planet, and it's up to all of us to make a conscious effort to do better by it if we want to preserve it for future generations. Not just on Earth Day, but each and every day. Of course, we're all works in progress, and it's unrealistic to expect anyone to adopt a completely carbon-neutral lifestyle overnight. But, it's important to remember that even the smallest actions can have a significant impact over time. This Earth Day, embrace the power of small changes and join us in committing to a greener future, one step at a time. Our goal? To have 50% sustainably sourced watches by 2026.



For 170 years, we've been redefining what it means to be watchmakers. We are constantly in pursuit of a better tomorrow, and we're committed to bringing you timeless watches that are equal parts environmentally friendly and beautifully crafted. We're not just all talk, either. There are a number of ways we're working to achieve our goal of taking less from the planet and leaving less behind while making durable watches that can last a lifetime. Here are just a few...

  • Using Solar-Powered & Mechanical Movements: Solar-powered movements convert any form of light into electrical energy, powering your watch for up to 4 months, while hand-wound and automatic movements are powered by you. This means one less battery for you to worry about changing and one less battery ending up in our landfills.

  • Building Our Watches with Recycled Materials: Plastic waste is upcycled into our eco-friendly watch parts rather than ending up in our oceans and landfills.

  • Partnering with #TIDE: In a partnership with #TIDE, we're working to clean our oceans by upcycling ocean-bound plastic into watch parts.

  • Opting for More Eco-Friendly Straps:

  1. Ecco DriTan Leather Straps: The waterless leather tanning techniques used in the making of our Ecco DriTan leather straps save 6.6 million gallons of fresh water each year.
  2. Apple Leather Straps: Pulp and peels from fruit juice production that are normally discarded are collected and mixed with PU to produce a leather-like material, offering a vegan alternative that provides the same classic style, quality, and comfort of a natural leather strap.
  3. Wheat Husk Straps: Crafted from bio-based resin made with wheat fiber, this innovative type of strap provides the same comfort and durability as a traditional resin strap but has a much smaller carbon footprint thanks to its partly organic makeup.



By adopting these eco-friendly practices, we've already managed to:

  • Save 3.5 million gallons of clean drinking water
  • Save enough electricity to power 120+ homes for a year
  • Save an average of 8,300 garbage cans of waste
  • Remove 450,000+ plastic bottles from the ocean and upcycle them into watch parts

While we're definitely proud of these accomplishments, let's be real: there's still work to be done, and we're not stopping here.



This year, we're taking our sustainability initiatives to a whole new level. We'll be launching a new takeback program where you can send us any used watches you may have and no longer wear. Pre-loved Timex watches with more life to live will be recycled and available for purchase, giving them a new generation with someone new. For watches that have already lived their best days, we'll be upcycling them into materials for new products. We can't wait to tell you more about it, so stay tuned! In the meantime, learn more about our commitment to a greener future and stay up to date with the steps we're taking to get there. Let's keep watches on wrists and out of landfills.

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