The perfect everyday watch - does it even exist? With all our various wants and needs, it's hard to say that a single watch could carry the weight of keeping time day in and day out, no matter the circumstances. But if we're just talking about one person - if we're just talking about you, and what you want in a watch - we might be onto something.



Today we debut the Q Timex 1978 Reissue, the latest release in a line of smash hits. Featuring a 37mm stainless steel case and a black leather strap, it's aesthetically-equipped to match practically any ensemble, going from casual to formal without skipping a beat (and sure to make a few hearts skip a beat, when spotted from afar). It ticks just like a Timex because it IS a Timex, one of our emblematic 1970s designs making the most of the era's quartz revolution that sent so many other traditional watchmakers into crisis mode.



Does it have a bit of west-coast cool, you ask? Does it have a little panache, a touch of sprezzatura? Well, the design is Italian after all - our Timex Design Lab corresponds from a chic district of Milan - and to wear a polished cushion-case watch in 2021 does serve as its own silent, but bold, statement. And no doubt it recalls a bit of yesteryear's glamor, with its period-correct cushion case shape and domed acrylic crystal, recalling the louche design language of watches in the 1970s.



Perhaps the biggest reason to buy a Q Timex watch lies in its relative ease, the convenience and reassurance of its modernity. You don't need to wind it; you don't need to visit a watchmaker in three years to get a hairspring serviced or a balance wheel tuned up. The tiny and inexpensive battery inside, available at any good drug store or supermarket, will last for years; when the battery needs replacing, you merely have to reach into your pocket for a penny or a dime, unscrew the handy battery hatch in the watch's back, and swap old for new. And right back to ticking it goes, keeping you on time and on track (with a level of accuracy that outpaces nearly any mechanical watch in existence) for years to come. The movement inside this watch is no miracle, but it is a feat of engineering and technology, reliable to a fault and built to withstand the rigors of a life like yours.



There's romance in the idea of a mechanical watch, one that needs your movement in order to power itself with springs and gears inside. But with a Q Timex, your attention is freed up to enjoy the romance of everything else, and the watch ticks on. And whether you pick it up and strap it on after a day, a week or a month at rest, you'll already know it's running smooth and set correctly to show you the time it is, not the time it was when its mechanical power reserve ran out - a common annoyance with automatic or hand-winding watches.



The pleasure of a great classic design is that it simply doesn't age - good style never goes out of fashion. This watch will develop some patina, perhaps, as you enjoy the watch over its lifetime and yours; its acrylic crystal can accumulate little scratches and scuffs from time to time, beckoning your attention for a little polishing treatment when you get the chance. But that nicely-domed acrylic crystal is highly shatter-resistant (unlike mineral glass or sapphire) if you knock your wrist on a tight doorway or while rounding a sharp corner. And the shining case, with its polished curves and facets, will slowly and gently show its days of wear as they pass by. But we chose stainless steel for how it resists the years, retaining its finishing against even the hardest of use, fighting corrosion from seawater and sweat to live on your wrist for a lifetime.



These are the things you can rely on when you choose the Q Timex 1978 Reissue. These are the reasons we built it for you. To wear a watch built to be worn - all day and everyday, morning, noon and night - discover our latest Q Timex for yourself. It waits for (almost) no one.

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