As the world changes, so do our choices. With more people waking up to the reality that the state of the planet depends on us, it's no surprise that so many eco-friendly and cruelty-free alternatives are on the rise. One such alternative is apple peel leather, and when it comes to watch straps, it looks (and feels) pretty damn good.


Traditionally, our Standard boasts a natural leather strap, but our latest rendition will be the first Timex to feature a strap made from this innovative apple peel leather: meet The Standard Sub-Second. With its careful attention to detail, the Standard shines as one of our most refined everyday watches. It's designed with versatility in mind, bringing together classic elements with modern materials, including a vertically brushed silver-tone or pale gold-tone dial, traditional sub-second, and legible Arabic indices.


But what makes this update stand apart from the rest is its interchangeable black or brown leather strap; though it technically isn't leather at all, you'd be surprised at how much it looks and feels like the real thing.

The faux leather strap on our Standard Sub-Second is partly made with vegan polyurethane leather and the by-products of apple juice production. Pulp and peels that are normally discarded are collected and mixed with PU to produce a leather-like material, offering an eco-friendly alternative that provides the same classic style, quality, and comfort of a natural leather strap.


The Advantages of Apple Peel Leather


Two of the biggest advantages of apple peel leather are that it's sustainable and ethical. Traditional leather production involves raising and slaughtering animals, which can have a negative impact on the environment and pose a moral dilemma for many. On the contrary, apple leather is made with a partially biodegradable by-product that would otherwise be discarded, and its production doesn't involve any animal exploitation or pollution.


This new planet-friendly strap is a perfect example of how we can use innovative solutions to meet our needs without increasing our carbon footprint. If you're in the market for a new watch, consider the Standard Sub-Second. We promise you'll feel good about it.

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