Our latest collaboration with ethereal jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche is a celebration of transformation and the strength it brings. The Spring Awakening collection is a perfect fusion of style and symbolism, featuring stunning timepieces that embody the essence of growth and renewal.

Crystals appear on the dials and bezels, and each watch features a shining gold-tone case and bracelet that mirror your inner glow. Undoubtedly unique yet timeless enough for the everyday, it’s easy to incorporate this gorgeous collection into your summer wardrobe and beyond.


The watch dials boast two captivating options: brilliant natural malachite stone or a luminous gold-tone sunray finish. At the heart of each lies Jacquie’s iconic tribe eye flower motif, gently nudging you to awaken your spirit to the beauty of new beginnings. Just as a tiny seed gradually transforms into a bountiful bloom, each of us should remember to trust the process on our journey to our full potential.

Jacquie herself reflects on the creative process behind the collaboration, sharing, “The creative process of designing our Timex x Jacquie Aiche Spring Awakening collection felt really special to me. I love the way Mother Nature seems to effortlessly experience constant transformation. Our flower tribe eye is meant to carry that energy, inspiring a calm confidence on your journey. Change is such a beautiful thing. It can be scary, and it can be hard – but it’s always worth it.”

Wearing these watches serves as a constant reminder to stay true to yourself amidst life’s ups and downs. It echoes Jacquie’s belief that we can “grow through what we go through” and emerge even stronger.


The Spring Awakening collection transcends the boundaries of ordinary accessories, becoming part of your personal narrative and reflecting your resilience. It encourages you to face change with grace and authenticity and stands as a symbol of your unwavering spirit as you shine brightly through every phase of life.

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