Lightning doesn't (usually) strike twice, and we didn't want to just run an old formula again, but we knew after the runaway success of that first Q Timex Reissue watch that we wanted to give our fans more of what they loved. That meant going back to the same source again, where we did indeed find another great watch in our archives, waiting to be reborn as the Q Timex Reissue Falcon Eye.


This new watch boasts all the features of its original version, which we debuted in 1978. It's been carefully considered and executed, from the period-correct woven stainless steel bracelet and fully functional battery hatch to its two-tone case, luminescent paint and electric blue striated-pattern dial. The watch is finished with an interplay of brushed and polished surfaces that further demonstrate attention to detail and focus on quality, invoking the '70s in a way that's absolutely ready to be worn today.


Esquire writer Jonathan Evans agrees with our lean into the past, and thinks it's a great blend of vintage and modern, a demonstration of us taking pride in recreating the period-specific details. "That's why there's a domed acrylic crystal, a woven stainless steel bracelet, and even a functional battery hatch on the back. It's also the reason for the luminous dial-markers, and the reason those markers are gold," Evans says. "But, like I said, not everything about the '70s was perfect.


The Falcon Eye ups the build quality, and brings 50 meters of water resistance into the mix, as well. So it's even better the second time around." With its refined sensibility and period-specific panache, this watch takes its place next to its sibling in the Q Timex lineup to expand our story for a whole new era. Get yours before they're all gone. SHOP THE WATCH

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