Timex has reimagined our iconic MK1 through a collaboration with Amsterdam-based skate brand, POP Trading Co.


Collaborating with one of the most notable brands in the skateboarding scene meant a few specs were absolutely necessary for this watch: durability; easy, everyday style; and the authentic appeal for which POP is known. With those things considered, choosing our MK1 as a starting point was a no-brainer.


Originally designed for military use, our MK1 maintains a 36mm resin case that's extremely lightweight on the wrist and features highly-legible markers that are easy on the eyes. So straightforward and practical, the model is actually a long-time favorite of POP founders and Benelux skate culture pioneers, Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest. "We used to sell it in the skate shop we worked in," Kolks recalls from their earlier days in the scene, "this must have been like 15 years ago."


At first glance, the Timex x POP MK1 appears to be your standard, no-frills watch. It's built with a solid black resin case, an acrylic crystal, and it offers a neutral color scheme...but a closer look at the dial reveals something rather unconventional: the markers are set an hour back. "It's almost like an inside joke for the skaters," shares Kolks, "when you skate, you're late! When we look at design, we like to keep things simple, but with a twist, and this would do the trick...Timex is one of the few iconic, cool, and accessible watch brands in the world, and for us to be able to work on such a classic piece with our own weird twist to it makes this an amazing opportunity."


The Timex standard of high-function meets POP's signature clean aesthetic on this timepiece to create a style you can sport just about anywhere. It's equipped with an accurate quartz movement for superior timekeeping, and it includes 2 different fabric strap options so that you can switch up your look as you please.


Circling back to the story behind the hour-back dial, Kolks says, "I assume it's not only skater's being late, so for everyone that has issues arriving in time, this one is for you!"


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