On World Ocean Day, we're introducing the Waterbury Ocean collection, created using upcycled, ocean-bound plastic, in partnership with award-winning organization, #tide. This exciting release comes at a crucial time for our planet; the ocean is suffocating due to plastic pollution, with an estimated 8 million tons of waste finding its way into the sea every year. While the statistics surrounding this global crisis are certainly staggering, they're unsurprising given the rate at which societies around the world both produce and dispose of nonbiodegradable materials.


Roughly 40% of the world's ocean surface already consists of plastic, and without action, it's predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. This endemic is affecting marine life and harming ecosystems every day, which is why Timex® is taking an important step in the direction of sustainability. With Waterbury Ocean, we're redesigning our past to take care of our future by repurposing ocean-bound plastic pollution for a cleaner tomorrow.


Featuring an upcycled case, bracelet, and dial, this remarkable wristwatch is the first Timex of its kind. Our partnership with #tide means that Waterbury Ocean's circular journey from waste to wrist begins with fishermen collecting plastic from the coastlines; the waste is washed and shredded before making its way to Switzerland via carbon-neutral transportation; and finally, it's repurposed on-site, resulting in a premium, sustainable material.


Available in three colorways, the stunning marine-inspired dial of the resulting wristwatch follows suit in its responsible production, allowing for distinctive flakes of shredded material to make the face of each timepiece gloriously unique. Of course, it's only fitting that the classic Waterbury construction serves as the foundation of this wristwatch. Our story of unstoppable innovation began nearly 170 years ago as the Waterbury Watch Company, and what better way to honor our rich legacy in traditional watchmaking than through our eponymous collection?


Like a true Timex, Waterbury Ocean also incorporates the trusted functionality features you need to navigate uncharted waters ahead, like luminant hands and 30 meters of water resistance. Over the course of recent decades, we've taken important measures to lessen our environmental impact. We've converted facility lights from incandescent to LED to save electricity; utilized wastewater recovery methods to save millions of gallons of water; switched to variable speed motors in our manufacturing facilities; and—with Waterbury Ocean and Expedition North leading by example—launched exciting, new collections that focus on sustainable manufacturing and product longevity.


But this is only the beginning. The watchmaking industry, like much of the world, has leaps and bounds to go in the direction of renewability. As proud as we are of each step taken so far, we know that taking proper care of our planet means looking for additional ways to improve. It's time to look to the future and take care of our precious waters. From waste to wrist, watch the clock, see the change.

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