The Timex x Cara Barrett is designed to be “a watch for everyone,” melding the design elements that watch lover Cara Barrett adores most with a vintage twist to create a stunning balance of old and new.


Cara Barrett’s love affair with timepieces has shaped her remarkable journey in the watch industry. From her early days as a watch specialist at a renowned jewelry broker to becoming one of the founding employees at HODINKEE, Cara’s passion has always been her guiding compass. In 2021, she launched Parchie®, a fun and educational watch brand for children.


cara barrett x timex model

When the offer to collaborate with Timex arose, Cara saw it as an opportunity to design a watch that resonates with everyone.


“I wanted to create something that represented what I found to be desirable in a watch for my life today, with influences from my past,” she says. “Inspired by some of the vintage watches I love the most, I have created a watch that feels familiar but is completely fresh.”


timex x cara barrett worn by a model wearing jeans


With a mechanical movement and domed acrylic crystal, the Timex x Cara Barrett delivers a beautiful tribute to watch styles of the past. Its 36mm silver-tone stainless-steel case is both simple and elegant, providing the perfect frame for a baby blue dial featuring silvery Breguet numeral markers—a long-time favorite of Cara’s.


But that’s not all that sets this watch apart. The silver-tone stainless-steel Perfect Fit expansion band, equipped with quick release spring bars, ensures your watch fits like a dream without the need for tools or a trip to the jeweler. It’s all about convenience without compromising on style.


timex x cara barrett worn by a model wearing a casual outfit

Reflecting on the collaboration, Cara shares,


“The result is nothing less than perfect. Perfect for the watch enthusiast. Perfect for the people who are just getting into watches. Perfect for the parents out there who really don’t have time to think about watches. Perfect for the young and the old. Perfect for just you.”


So, whether you’re a seasoned watch enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of timekeeping, this watch is sure to delight. Designed by none other than the esteemed watch expert herself, the Timex x Cara Barrett is a beautiful harmony of old-school charm and contemporary cool.

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